The early years are crucial for our future life as they greatly contribute to building strong foundations for a future happy adulthood. This is the main reason why we decided to build the Green Mountain (Zelená Hôrka) kindergarten. It consists of several interconnected facilities: a private kindergarten, a swimming pool with sauna, snoezelen and a café.

We focus on developing children’s creativity and emotional intelligence (EQ) - the ability to control their emotions as well as developing empathy and social skills crucial for a successful integration into life. A number of researches confirm that children with high EQ are happier, more confident, and more successful at school. Such children later grow up into responsible, sensitive, and creative adults. We want to cooperate with you, the parents, on the upbringing of your children. Therefore we offer group activities at our kindergarten where the parents can also take part. We are open to your ideas, suggestions, and wishes... To properly develop the brain and the whole body, emphasis is put on the mental as well as on the physical development. As a part of the “Green Earth” project we organize various activities aimed at environmental responsibility throughout the year. We don’t forget the children who are gifted in different areas; they can develop their talents in in a wide range of courses we offer: art, singing, movement, computer skills or languages.

The kindergarten is designed to answer all your child’s needs. Part of the equipment is “Snoezelen” - a therapeutic room that stimulates sensory perception. It engages many senses simultaneously, therefore any activity carried out in this room is more effective. All classrooms have little hide-aways which are specially designed to calm negative emotions. Children have the opportunity to relax in a cozy corner with soft pillows and a canopy to give them a sense of security and comfort. In addition to a large garden and a forest park, we offer a gymnasium – a safe environment for the development of agility and fitness. In the second stage of the project a saltwater pool and a sauna will be added. Extra time is reserved for painting, playing with clay, sand and modeling for children to explore their own creativity. They will have regular sessions with an art therapist, which also significantly contribute to the development of personality. An inseparable part of the kindergarten is also a little theatre and a music lounge.

All teaching takes place in accordance with the principles and objectives of education and training under Law No. 245/2008 Coll. on education and instruction (the School Act) and on amendments to certain laws and the relevant national training programs ISCED 0 - pre-primary education.