In the second stage a swimming pool and a sauna will be added. The saltwater pool (slightly salty water, compared to seawater salinity is 1: 8) and combined sauna (infra red + steam sauna) is located on the lower ground floor. You can access the pool from the underground garage on the same level or by stairs / elevator from the kindergarten and café on the floor above.

Our pool will meet the strictest criteria and is suitable for children as young as 4 months. The pool is also available for public use during designated hours. We organize swimming courses for children from the age of four. For those who wish to have the whole place for themselves, we offer the possibility of private hire. The maximum capacity of the pool is 16 adults.

Snoezelen is a specially adapted room to stimulate or relax the children (depending on the aim of the exercise) through light, sound, touch and other stimulus.The benefits are the comprehensive development of a child's personality, sensory stimulation, improving concentration and attention span, emotional support, support of learning processes, reduction of stress and frustration, relaxation, and many others.