Child’s adaptation process

Each child is unique, so the adaptation process is adjusted to each personality and character. Adaptation at littleBIG takes place in cooperation with our school psychologist. Our goal is to adapt every child to the kindergarten as quickly and efficiently as possible. Close cooperation and communication with parents is very important in this process. First parents meet our psychologist a few days before the child starts to attend the kindergarten, and get to know the teachers and how the kindergarten works. This meeting seeks to understand a child's personality, and also get a child used to the kindergarten, classmates, and teacher – all in the presence and security of parents.

The first day at kindergarten can be rather stressful for both children and parents, so we try to make it as easy as possible and start the adaptation process gradually. On the first day, children stay at the kindergarten for approximately two hours (sometimes less), then the length of their stay progressively increases. This process is very individual, and we respect a child's individual needs during this process.

Parents and children can prepare for the adaptation process before enrolling in the kindergarten: just talk openly to your child and especially speak positively about starting in the kindergarten and the activities ahead.

Preliminary registration

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