About our kindergarten

The first years of our lives are crucial for the next course of life. Those years contribute to shaping personality, and building solid foundations and relationships.

The littleBIG kindergarten unites the best of several educational methodologies, applies a respectful approach, and focuses on the individual development of each child's personality.

We aim to be much more than an ordinary kindergarten. We are a 21st century kindergarten that reflects the current events and dynamics of the world. Our goal is to be a role model and set trends in education.

We also want to be a good and equal partner to children and their parents - who support their opinions, upbringing, and development in a beautiful, harmonious, and stimulating environment.

We seek to help you guide your children with love and joy towards responsibility and independence. Educate, support and develop creativity, skills, competences and emotional intelligence, while building happiness and self-confidence, because only such children will grow up to become responsible, sensitive, and creative adults.

How we do it

Our kindergarten meets the needs of children and supports meaningful time spent here.

The littleBIG kindergarten integrates proven methodologies and educational programmes, giving children the opportunity to create freely and develop individually, we support their desire to explore and develop curiosity and courage.

The kindergarten comprises several interconnected rooms, including playrooms, a multi-sensory Snoezelen room, an experimental room, a kitchen, a theatre, a large playground, a meadow, and a forest.

We have prepared a space where everything is in one place.